Saturday, December 08, 2012

Mr. Class Warfare goes to Hawaii

The evil rich (everyone with non entry level job) is paying for this asshole's vacations, Now that's rich isn't.

It also costs those still working 4 million dollars.

Only in 0bama's new America.

And another thing, Check out the unidentifiable dwarf thing in the fuschia running suit chasing Gandalf the Grey.


  1. What a find! Gandalf is going to do a header because his skirt is going to get tangled in the spokes.

    And as far as the Pantload's vacation, no one cares that voted for him. So ... it must be OK.

  2. +1 on Odie... :-) And dunno on the pink thing... :-)

  3. 55 Christmas trees at the White House, 3 are for the dog.

    Reminds me of any asshole emperor of Rome when it was falling apart.


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