Thursday, June 07, 2012

Is it just me

Is it just me or does 0bama's golf buddy need to go. I am speaking of John Boehner. I believe his term of leadership in the House has been a failure comparable with the 0bama regime.

Are the people of Ohio's 8th district going to re-elect him? If they do, based on his lackluster performance, the obvious question would be why? Surely the Tea Party can find a candidate to put pressure on him.


  1. Anonymous08:26

    I agree he's been a disappointment. I had such hope.

  2. Sometimes he has his moments, but most of the time I'm underwhelmed.

  3. Anonymous14:18

    Time to replace Obama's second favorite Republican

  4. Agreed. He's just another elitist politician.

  5. He's worthless Admiral. I wish I could vote against him, but I'm a few miles too far away. I have some friends that are going to vote against him, but no one is running against him yet.

  6. Another RINO that needs to be hunted down and removed from the political scene.

  7. OK OK .... Where's that pin up Friday that keeps appearing on my sidebar. You're such a tease.


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