Thursday, December 29, 2011

Interesting points

Apostrophes, who needs em?
Ann Coulter has some interesting points in this article.

Are the parasites and leeches going to carry the election for 0bama or will the hard working and tax paying productive people in the United States rise up and quash this "Bringer of Hope and Change"? As far as the changes the country he has brought, none of them have been good changes unless you are a union member or a big government activist. The change I have had to deal with have been inflation, ever increasing 0bama debt and the looming threat of 0bama Kare. These are just a few of many. We must not forget the unnecessarily high gas prices that we face at the pump every time we need gas. Groceries are rising with no end in sight. We still hear from 0bama that more is needed.

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