Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Smart meters

Big Brother.
No privacy.
Hope and Change.


  1. Tin foil hat and FUD.

    The power company can see your daily use of power. Or power use every minute. Every second. This isn't the same as putting a "camera on yourself".

    Weed the truth out of this. There is a lot of hand-waving and exaggeration here. A lot of misinformation.

  2. Coming to a town near you.

  3. Another intrusion into our personal lives. Granted, this may be nothing at all to worry about. But, it starts with something as innocuous as a meter and takes off from there. The important thing is the "implied consent". After this what next?

    And if something is not broken, why fix it? How does knowing my minute by minute usage make my service any better? And, if as said on the video that it could lead law enforcement to potential marijuana growers, does this mean SWAT, without a warrant, will bust my door down, with potential lethal intent and force, such as happened to a law abiding citizen, in Arizona I believe, a few weeks back?

    These may very well prove to be ungrounded fears, but walking, and then running, always starts with baby steps.

  4. As Otis says, it is always done in baby steps. Except for obama, he and his band of imbeciles just plows right through by ignoring the law.

    Where were we as far as individual rights 30 years ago. I know. And look at where we are now.

    North you can sit in the pot of water getting warmer by the day if you like but not for me.

    Unfortunately, we have two generations of people educated to be socialists and morons. Nothing is going to change now until we hit rock bottom. As Comrade Brevmanov tells us, it will be the morons who vote for this crap that will be the first to turn violent against the government and probably killed. Well, at least we'll be rid of the Violent liberals at that point.

  5. The more interesting part is the 'capability' to capture the meter data and know whether you're home or not based on usage...

  6. A bit too intrusive, IMO.


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