Saturday, July 02, 2011

I hope

I hope this black guy, does a better job than the one inhabiting the white house.

Alvin Brown

New Mayor in Jacksonville.

After thanking his wife, others influential in his life and several former mayors of Jacksonville, Alvin Brown told nearly 4,000 people gathered in the Prime Osborn Convention Center for his inauguration thanked God.

"I truly believe that it's because of his grace, mercy and everlasting that I can stand here today and say I'm mayor of Jacksonville," Brown said.

Brown spoke moments after he was sworn in as the eighth mayor of the consolidated city of Jacksonville.

One woman arrived at 5 a.m. to ensure she got a good seat for what was called a historic event: the swearing in of Jacksonville's first African-American mayor and the first Democrat elected as the city's chief executive in 20 years. Source.

They are both democrats and talk the same. Jacksonville may become worse than Detroit in four years.
Lawless Dictator in Chief.


  1. One hopes... Jacksonville could use some good leadership!

  2. I live in Jacksonville - we're gonna find out. Lotta neighborhoods with bullets flying here. Northwest Jax is a shooting range at times.

  3. After Peyton I really want this guy to do well.

  4. Good-bye Jacksonville !

  5. Lookout Jacksonville !


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