Monday, June 06, 2011

67 years ago

The landings in Normandy were underway.

God bless all during those years known as WW2.


  1. What a sacrafice. I'm so bustin' proud of those that did this super scary thing for me. War sucks though. It makes so much more sense to me to simply take those that are causing the problem and have an arm wrestling contest to get it out of their system. We would have a lot more to love at home.

  2. Amen! May God bless all of our troops and their families.

  3. God bless those brave men and their descendants.

  4. 9000 dead/wounded the FIRST day! God bless them...

  5. This is what happens when evil is allowed to flourish. Muslims?

    These men should have died of old age after enjoying life in America with their families.

    This rock sucks. There's no progress. It's rinse and repeat.

  6. Thank God for these brave men

  7. Kid: "This rock sucks".
    Er, could you please tell us readers here which "rock" is better? And while you are at it, how about your comparison on our progress. Surely you just aren't repeating talking points; you have thought this out, and have comparison "rocks" from which to evaluate our situation.
    I for one, Love this planet, especially this country, inparticularly the "greatest generation", of which I am a first generation offspring.
    When others tell me of how bad America is, I gladly offer them a ticket, (one way of course), to the country of their choice. Your dislike however, is in the whole "rock", and I don't think I could or would care to fund your removal to the rock of your choice.
    Nuf Sed

  8. Mr Frankly.
    First off, I'm an ultra-conservative American loving SOB and believe the fed should only be involved in national defense. So,I too love this country.
    The planet is also beautiful. Too bad it is inhabited by such a large percentage of as*les like muslims, child molesters, freaks that steal young women and use them as slaves for decades, politicians, and countless other assorted vermin that do unspeakable evil.

    So, yea, this is the worst planet I've ever lived on. Because while huge percentages of populations can get all geeked up about trying to keep the oceans from rising so a bunch of Rich As**les don't have to move their mansions 20 more feet above sea level, they don't seem to care about all the afore mentioned evil.

    Your/Our country is about to get flushed. In case you haven't noticed, there was 52% of the voter population who were willing to put a racist anti-American Imbecile into the White House because they are weak, dependent, stupid or all three. And they might do it again in 2012.
    I have my good days where I marvel at God's creations, inanimate or otherwise but realize I have to forget about countless other atrocities being committed against people and other of God's creatures all over this rock every second of every day in order to do so. So, yea, this rock Sucks.

    A better planet? If this is as good as it gets, cancel my ticket to the afterlife.


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