Thursday, May 26, 2011

Donald Edward Beaty Executed

Arizona serves justice, finally.

The child rapist and murderer was executed painlessly when compared to his victim. 

Donald Edward Beaty, 56, died at 7:38 p.m. local time at a state prison in Florence, Arizona, officials said, in an execution delayed for more than nine hours by a legal dispute over one of the drugs used to kill him.

Beaty, convicted of killing newspaper carrier Christy Ann Fornoff, had won a temporary stay from the Arizona Supreme Court after his lawyers objected to the last-minute substitution of a drug to be used in the lethal-injection mix.

But the court lifted the stay after conducting a special hearing on Wednesday morning, rejecting arguments that the state breached Beaty's constitutional due process rights and protections against cruel and unusual punishment. al - Reuters


  1. For a dirtbag who killed another human in cold blood, he sure did try his best to avoid his own death.


  2. Think of the exquisite mental torture as the maggot suffered the last nine (Only!) hours. Is today it? No? Yes? No?

    Next time, hang the beast by it's heels while the phone calls are being made on it's behalf.
    It's really too bad it couldn't feel the physical pain it inflicted on others.

  3. Anonymous23:28

    It takes 30 seconds put down a dog and 27 years to kill a monster?

  4. Anonymous01:06

    Bye Bye scumbag

  5. I am really offended by the enormous last meals they give these animals, too. WTF does he deserve a grand meal when we have regular, law abiding good folks that can hardly afford ramen noodles?



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