Sunday, March 06, 2011

It is sad when

It is sad when Vlad Putin appears to be a better leader than the one that the parasites and leeches voted into office over here.

Urkel golfs.

Vlad kicks ass.


  1. Urkel-V-Vlad...We lose. Sad indeed.

  2. Urkel, loves us disliking him. He'll bow once again and think to himself, "That ought piss some more of those patriot ass-wipes off." These aren't accidents.

  3. You know what's weird? The family and I are getting ready to watch Star Wars right now.

    Urkel needs to go where the original Urkel went- off-air.

  4. LOL Elm got it right! :-)

  5. Obummer wishes he could be even a bit of the man Putin is... I'll let you all have some coffee talk on the many aspects of how bad that is.

    BTW, that first pic is an insult to Trollface.

  6. ROR thanks to Elm LOOONG time!!!

  7. I certainly hope Barry took one my previous post about the golf shorts and the flip flops to heart. I can't go another summer seeing him prancing around the links with those chicken legs!
    Sir! Have you no shame!

  8. Hey, wait a minute. The imbecile Did say today that "the violence in Libya was Unacceptable."

    "Unacceptable". Now that is a strong word... right?


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