Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Florida harpy sighting

The freaking rail link is not even in her district! She needs to just be silent.

Congresswoman Corrine Brown

With money for a high speed rail link between Orlando and Tampa in limbo, we hear the criticism against Governor Scott ratcheting up.

Congresswoman Corrine Brown blasted Scott's rejection of federal money during a short but fiery speech on the House floor.

"Unfortunately, Governor (Scott) seems to be much more interested in politics than creating jobs or improving the transportation system for the great people of Florida".

Governor Scott does not appear to be pushed off his position that Florida taxpayers would be at risk if he accepts more than two billion dollars from the federal government.  Source

In Florida we have our own Sheila Jackson Lee. Her name is Corrine Brown. They are harpies of a feather.


  1. Representative Kathy "Fidel" Castor, another moonbat, says thousands of jobs will be created by the proposed rail line (forget the long term cost to subsidize these union jobs.) She and others also predict 1 billion riders a yr. on the line--not quite what the ridership is on the DC Amtrack line. She had no qualms about shutting down the Hav-A Tampa plant in Tampa though--costing 600 jobs.

  2. High-speed rail is ALWAYS a losing proposition in the U.S.
    Even light rail barely breaks even, and I'm sure the books get cooked to make it look even that good.

  3. Scott:
    Cathy Castor is an evil bitch. Fidel so fits her to a "T"

    Dr. Jim:
    They keep pushing and pushing though. Most of Florida would never use it either.

  4. A total waste of our money, and ware of feds baring gifts.

  5. People will ride a train once for the thrill, then, return to their car to get where they need to go. Trains were a good transportation concept back in 1890.

  6. Oh, lawrd.

    Here in Cincinnati, we have Mayor Mallory meeting with JOE BIDEN to secure funds for a streetcar that NO ONE wants in a crime ridden district after our new GOP gov said he was defunding the waste of money project.


  7. As Brooke says, they are broke but going ahead with the "Jurassic Park Ride" trolley through the one area n Cincinnati where ALL of the murders occur.

    Light rail? They're talking about doing the Cincinnati to Cleveland rail too. 7 Hours from Cinci to Columbus. You can drive there in 2.0 at the speed limit.

    Anyway, People rejected Trains when Henry Ford mass produced the car. The ONLY place rail works (or public trans for that matter) is when you severely punish people for driving. Tolls, Parking, Traffic gridlock etc. This means rail will ONLY work where it is already.

  8. It's NOT possible without completely NEW tracks everywhere... and the USA can't afford it... and she needs to just STFU!!


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