Thursday, February 17, 2011


Micro Manager in Chief. Why didn't this Chicago slime bag just run for Illinois state governor and save 49 other states from such a shit storm?

What is Il Duce's take on Gov. Scott Walker and his fix for the union problem? You can see it here. 0bama calls it an assault on unions. WTF?!?!? What about the 0bama's assault on the Constitution via 0bama Kare? It has been ruled unconstitutional yet "Il Duce" has not mentioned it or bothered to stop any of it. I guess this makes him a criminal of the highest order.

I loath this steaming pile of stool sample and everything he stands for and has done.

Il Douchebag


  1. Admiral, I have to correct your spelling it's "Douche".

  2. Is that his portrait from the White House? (Innocent look)

  3. Woodsterman:
    I think you are completely Right.

    Yes it is.
    Lady you have been missed! I hope everything is going great.

  4. Admiral, Deep down I think the imbecile knows he's incompetent. I actually want to see what he's up to once he's out of office. He won't have the puppet master support and all his ugliness might just be put on display.


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