Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Notice the price of gasoline lately?

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Notice the price of everything going up? Inflation maybe?

My Wife calls 0bama an asshole. In all actuality I call him much worse.  Now others are saying it.

He is utterly the personification of an elitist snob with throngs of leeches, ticks, and other assorted parasites that worship his every move to destroy the country while giving them other peoples wealth.


  1. It's only going to get worse; just between gas and food, the noose will tighten.
    We knew it was coming... for whatever that's worth.

  2. Anonymous16:29

    I have been watching grain and oil prices they are rapidly rising.

  3. Exactly right. Man what an evil imbecile. he and most of the other Dems

  4. When a country devalues its money, everything costs more. I call him much much worse also.

  5. Obama is squeezing the economy so that we will all be serfs of the new red government, dependent and grateful for the merest scraps they might dole out.

    The worst part is that he is only a puppet.

  6. Just clinging to my God amd my guns. We can this this clowns hash.

  7. *settle this clown's hash.


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