Saturday, January 29, 2011

Emmanuel "Demon" Hammond Executed

Georgia serves justice with execution of Emmanuel "Demon" Hammond.

Emmanuel Hammond was put to death by injection at the state prison in Jackson after the U.S. Supreme Court denied a last-minute appeal. He did not make a final statement and was pronounced dead at 11:39 p.m. 

"Demon" murdered a young teacher named Julie Love. She is dead because her car ran out of gas and she had the misfortune of running into "Demon".

Love was slain after her car ran out of gas as she was returning home from a "career chat" meeting with friends in north Atlanta. As the petite
instructor walked down the road, Hammond, his girlfriend Janice Weldon and his 18-year-old cousin Maurice Porter drove past and offered help.

After she declined, telling the group she lived nearby, Hammond jumped out with a sawed-off shotgun and threw Love into the car.

They drove her to an elementary school in a rundown neighborhood, where Porter rifled through her purse and found a little cash and ATM cards. At gunpoint, Hammond forced Love to reveal her pin number. But she was so nervous she gave him the wrong number.

Hammond sent Porter and Weldon to withdraw money from her account. When Weldon realized they would be returning empty-handed, she told Porter: "Demon going to be mad," according to court records.

She was right. Hammond hit Love repeatedly with the gun barrel, and Porter pulled her aside and raped her. After a disgusted Weldon left, Hammond bound Love's hands, feet and neck with coat hangers and covered her in a blanket. She somehow managed to free her hands, yelling "Don't do it."  AJC

Rotting in hell is a good thing for this Demon.


  1. I want to hear some stories about would be victims pulling their gun and dispensing some justice in the form of totally righteous self-defense.

    There are so many of these stories....

    Admiral, I shit you not, they have this thing on talk radio in the morning here and the lady cop comes on telling us who they are looking for and 999 times out of 1000, it is so and so, and "He has been arrested 63 times prior" for serious offenses. Jeeesh. Did the 3rd strike rule become the 300th strike rule?

  2. Anonymous22:01

    Just like the POS that murdered a Indy cop.
    He should have been locked up tears ago.Political Correctness.

  3. Good riddance, and I agree with the Kid!


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