Thursday, September 09, 2010

Holly Wood Executed

Holly Wood has been executed in Alabama for the murder of his girlfriend in 1993. Wood shot her in head with a shotgun while she was sleeping.

17 years is way too long for some justice.



  1. I agree 17 years is a long time for justice...But I'm glad it was finally served!!

  2. Rats! I came over here expecting to read about some devastating catastrophe befalling all the denizens of a Los Angeles suburb/industry..

    ..oh well, this is not too much of a bring down although 17 years is a bit of a dénouement.

  3. Anonymous13:55

    Good Riddance

  4. Anonymous14:07

    Another piece of excrement bites the dust. Dinner is on us worms! Devour the bastard and make him good fertilizer.


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