Tuesday, September 07, 2010

He really should stick to comedy

Because his left leaning opinions just prove him to be just another clueless entertainer.

As much as like John Cleese and his comedy work he comes off as a huge liberal.

I wonder if he still feels the same way about the crying little bitch Obama getting elected with all the damage he has done to the greatest country on earth. Cleese probably is not aware of it I'll bet.

Cleese demonstrates that just because he was great at comedy does not mean that he can be politically aware and comes off sounding like one of the most left leaning libs giving interviews about this subject.

November will not get here soon enough so we can neuter that spending idiot in the White House.


  1. Just another "Hollywood Liberal" who's got his, and thinks everybody else should pay the bill for the masses.....

  2. Sorry USA_Admiral...but I don't want to waste 4:10 listening to a punk spew his bullshit.

  3. Anonymous01:15

    Lifelong liberals find it difficult to suddenly think critically.

  4. Left wing loser, made a mint off dummies and now 'knows' better than everybody else... yeah, right...

  5. Anonymous06:02

    a bitter leftist loon

  6. I like Python, so I'm hesitant to watch this lest I spoil myself from ever seeing The Holy Grail again!

    Most celebrities are morons. Only a few are personally decent, like Gary Sinese (sp?) and Jon Voight.

  7. Why pay attention to someone whose biggest achievement is playing "make belive for grownups"? Alice Cooper had it right, entertainers have no business promoting their politics, they're morons!


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