Friday, September 10, 2010

Cal Coburn Brown Executed

Another murderer executed. A reoccurring theme in his defense was his mental problems. There is one less menace to society as of today. 

Cal Brown abducted Holly Washa at a highway rest stop near Seattle. He started his reign terror by torturing and raping her at a motel over a 24-hour period. Then like a discard he bundled her into the trunk of his car before strangling her to death.



  1. Anonymous13:58

    He died to easy

  2. Anonymous14:05

    I hope, at least, that he was raped in prison a few good times before being executed. Glad the fooker is dead.

  3. Jake,

    Sadly, death row inmates are kept apart from the general population and have no contact with other similarly detained. So that "avenue of pleasure" was probably blocked off.

    On the brighter side, his "mental problems" have been cured.


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