Monday, September 27, 2010

Brandon Rhode Executed

Georgia serves justice with the execution of Brandon Rhode. He was convicted of murdering a man and his two children during a burglary. The triple murderer was executed Monday evening and pronounced dead at 10:16PM.

Before his execution the convicted murderer tried to commit suicide by slashing his own throat. The convict and his botched suicide attempt was discovered where he was taken to the hospital for treatment. After a short stay he was given his proper execution. Source

Laura Moye the spokesperson spokeswoman feminist for Amnesty International said
"This is a particularly grizzly case. They rushed him to the hospital to revive him only to reschedule his execution."
It is too bad the victims of Rhode did not get to be rushed to the hospital and have their lives saved as well.

My question for Laura Moye would be, how grizzly was the triple murder scene where Rhode did his evil work back in 2000?


  1. Oh but that's DIFFERENT, that's the answer you'd get... Good riddance to him!

  2. They should've just let the bastard go the first time.

  3. Anonymous13:17

    I agree with Brooke.

  4. No, I like how they brought him back to kill him.


    And to the mentally diseased libs like Laura Moye; yes what about his victims. They don't even acknowledge the perps victims.

    Guess they figure "Oh, they're dead who cares."
    We know Laura doesn't give a rats ass.

  5. *waves..
    boy do I have some stuff to fill you guys in on.. stopped into say HI!!!

  6. "Laura Moye the ... illiterate pie hole for Amnesty International said,

    "This is a particularly grizzly case.
    They rushed him to the hospital to
    revive him only to reschedule his

    ..and it's too bad that the writer does not understand the difference between a species of bear and the synonym for gruesome. It's "grisly" you dumb, bleeding heart liberal pinko broad.

  7. it hurts my soul to know this happened to Brandon. For him and the victims. I went to high school with Brandon. He was my senior prom date.


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