Wednesday, September 22, 2010

40 Days

Corrine Brown and Alan Grayson are a couple of freedom killing cancerous tumors.

I hope the voters in Flori-duh's third and eight districts remove these two. They are long overdue for removal. They are both big government cancers feeding on individual freedom. Time to go socialists. Most of the voters in these two districts are the lazy parasite types, so I don't expect much to change. But there is always a chance.

Member, American socialist party.
Member, American socialist party.

  1. advocate or supporter of socialism.

Get rid of the RINOs.


  1. My hunch is that both are history =)

  2. I hope so!!!!!! They are depressing and it is too early to work against Obama yet.

  3. I don't know whether Grayson is dumber than Brown or the other way around. No matter which is the bigger goofball, both are embarrassments to the US Government and need to scuttle back under whatever rock they crawled from.

  4. Agree with LL... he's MUCH more polite than I am...

  5. If only Tax Payers were allowed to vote...
    Honestly, how do people elect such trash to get in their faces

  6. Hopefully the voters don't have a short memory and will do what's right.

  7. Anonymous09:42

    Gone daddy gone. Both of them.

  8. November 2nd can't come soon enough.


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