Monday, August 02, 2010

Sheriff Joe Arpaio

America's toughest Sheriff has a price on his head (alleged) by a drug cartel.


  1. Good luck Sheriff Joe. He's had constant threats, but this one is a bit more serious I'd say.

  2. It takes on hell of a man to enforce the laws of your state/country. Too bad the crying pansy leading the country at the moment won't. He is too busy suing the state for enforcing laws he should be enforcing.

  3. I'm wondering who has the higher price,the drug cartel or the administration... BOTH of them want him gone.

  4. Hey Mexico, today all of us law abiding Americans are Sheriff Joe 'Spartucus' Arpaio. Best bring more ammo, you pieces of crap! VIVA LOS 1070!

  5. Good for Sheriff Joe! I wouldn't give two centavos for that pinche Presidente Obama!!!


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