Thursday, August 12, 2010


10 of them to be exact.

First the real thing:

Next we have teh islamic commandments (or part of them) according to a child molesting pedophile who needs no introduction, I present muhammad teh prophet and his very tolerant and caring commandments:

I found this here.

I found this here.

And finally some wackiness from the teh one, aka the Kenyan President, light bringer, great bag of socialist shit, and I have taken more vacation time in less that two years than President G. W. Bush did in eight years, but who is counting, certainly not the state run media? Is Mooch-elle O back from her extravagant whirlwind Spanish adventure on the taxpayer's dime?


  1. Anonymous12:36

    I am going to cross post.

  2. Yes, Islam is not a religion. It's a blueprint for conquest and self-gratification.

  3. I agree with The_Kid, Islam is not a religion, I think those bastards should be castrated!

  4. Also would like to say Thanks! For posting the real thing also!


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