Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Charlie Crist

Is a leaf blowing wherever he thinks the popular wind is blowing. The man with the orange sheen is on record as the biggest political flip flopping media figure since John "Freaking" Kerry.

I guess we can just add his name to the other great moderates that have gone down in history like, I can't think of any at all.

It's one thing to be a thoughtful moderate who weighs issues based on the public good and realistic economic conditions. It's quite another to jump from one position to the exact opposite, sometimes in a matter of hours on the same day. The Miami Herald

 The sooner the man with the bad tan and white hair is out of Florida politics the better for Florida. We don't need a John McCain clone as a senator. And if Charlie is waiting on the teachers union to bail him out he needs to remember they are behind Kendric Meek the democrat nominee. Sorry again Charlie.


  1. Tell me you're going to get rid of this putz. NOvember can't come soon enough. We must all do what we can to defeat morons like Crist.

    I've been here a few times and always looking for the "Follow" widget ... no can find. Let me know if you get one, and I'm on it.

  2. He's a piece of work... sigh...

  3. Go Rubio!!! Love it!

    (Woodsterman, copy & paste his url into your 'add & manage followers' section on your dashboard. That way you'll be able to read in googlereader if you want to!)


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