Sunday, July 04, 2010

Independence Day

I wish you and all your families a safe and happy Independence Day.

It is a day when we celebrate Independence. 

We should remember those who are fighting, have fought and given their very lives for our freedoms. Freedoms so many take completely for granted. We should remember the founding documents that ensure freedom. We must guard against any who would change it or otherwise try to subvert it.

It my opinion that the socialist regime in the white house is attempting to subvert and destroy these founding documents that most of us hold so dear.

Vote them all out in November because we are losing more economic and social freedoms everyday under the regime that is in power during this term.


  1. Anonymous01:30

    On this Independence Day, let's pledge to fight to ensure this is not our last. There are forces actively and successfully working to crush our liberty.


  2. Here's to a new Independence Day!

  3. Exactly Right Admiral !

  4. Agreed! Happy (belated) 4th to you and yours Sir!

  5. In November it's "Spay & Neuter Time" for all Blue Dog Democrats!!!

  6. Anonymous10:41

    A belated Happy Independence Day had a lot of family time.


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