Friday, June 18, 2010

Ronnie Lee Gardner Executed

Murderer meets his fate by firing squad. Justice was served.

Ronnie Lee Gardner's quarter-century on death row ended at 12:20 today when a firing squad executed one of Utah's most notorious killers. His death signaled the end of a gut-wrenching saga for the families of the Utah men Gardner murdered or wounded and those who had hoped to spare the killer's life.

Barb Webb, daughter of Gardner victim Nick Kirk, sobbed when news of the execution came.

"I'm so relieved it's all over," she said, hugging her daughter, Mandi Hull. "I just hope my sister, who just passed away, and my father, and all of the other victims are waiting for his sorry ass. I hope they get to go down after him." The Salt Lake Tribune


  1. The firing squad is hot!!! Good riddence a**hole!

  2. Anonymous14:48

    Good riddance

  3. 25 Years??!! This is complete insanity. What can we do to reduce that number to 25 day?

  4. Maybelline- I wish they'd "do" 25 a day on, or before, day 25... but soon the Los Angeles Lakers would run out of fans.

  5. Just saw this reported on FNC. I knew exactly where to come in order to get the full scoop. I was right; thanks for being so consistent, big guy!

  6. Not soon enough, but still, better late than never, I suppose.


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