Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Melbert Ray Ford Executed

Georgia executes another complete waste of life. 

JACKSON — Melbert Ray Ford died by lethal injection at 7:27 p.m. Wednesday, 23 years after he was convicted in the murders of his ex-girlfriend, Martha Chapman Matich, and her 11-year-old niece, Lisa Chapman.

Cindy Griffeth, mother of the slain 11-year-old, said the execution, at which she was a witness, brought closure to her but also disappointment.

“I was hoping that (Ford) would at least have prayer and apologize,” Griffeth said. “But I thought, deep down in my heart, he wasn’t going to do it. It shows his true character.”

When asked how she felt about the execution, she replied, “It was too easy for him.”

Ford’s sentence was carried out at Jackson Diagnostic and Classification Prison near Jackson, where he has been on death row since his conviction in October 1986. He was 49.  Newton Citizen   


  1. Anonymous07:02

    May he rot in hell.

  2. I completely agree with you.

  3. Adios, unrepentant scum!

  4. The world just got a little bit better.

  5. The execution was too easy and took too long. 23 years WTF?! They said Georgia, not California, right?

  6. Anonymous13:53

    We need to have a few executed here in Indiana


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