Wednesday, June 02, 2010

George Alarick Jones Executed

It strikes me as odd how the victims get forgotten and the scum that perpetrates the crime gets remembered.

Texas serves Justice.

HUNTSVILLE, Texas - Convicted killer George Jones was executed Wednesday evening for the fatal shooting of a Dallas man during a carjacking 17 years ago.

Jones, 36, exhausted his court appeals and his lawyer made no last-day attempts to block the lethal injection, the 12th this year in the nation's busiest death penalty state. Jones was arrested several months after the body of Forest Hall, 22, was found along a rural road near Lancaster in April 1993. al-MSNBC

Good riddance scum.


  1. Anonymous21:51

    I know of two in Nevada who escaped execution. I like knowing when justice was severed. You're 100% correct in that the victims get forgotten soon after they're buried. "The accused" write children's books in hopes of getting a reduced sentence.

    I vote we start burning the scum alive.

    My viewpoint is somewhat skewed by living through the horror of a murdered family member.

    So, fuck it, burn 'em. I'll buy the gas. Have matches; will travel. Will travel far at my own expense as long as I get to see the victim's family light the match.

  2. FROM- Great Reader,KIM Jong IL
    TO- USA Admiral
    SUBJECT- Music Request

    MESSAGE- Could you preeze play "George Jones'" song "He Stopped Loving Her Today" for inmate George Jones?

    Tank You Berry Much!
    KIM Jong IL (D-CA)
    On the DMZ north of Bakersfield

  3. Anonymous16:48

    bye bye dirtbag


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