Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Boy Wonder and his Epic Fail on Day 66 or so of the Gulf Oil Spill

Image lifted from Moonbattery.

All hail the Obama.

There is plenty of blame to go around on this oil spill.

It happened on Obama's watch, it is all his, and for this reason I hope it buries The Boy Wonder. The Obama is in way over his head and 19 months into his regime is still trying desperately to find the leadership chapter in Saul Olinski's book "Rules for Radicals". The Boy Wonder appoints czars when his leadership is lacking. So this leads me to believe that as many czars as Obama has appointed there is no leadership in his socialist ass at all.

The old media lost all objectivity and tried daily to destroy the Bush Administration. President G. W. Bush helped this socialist get elected by not challenging the old media's story lines or defending his administration.

This allowed The Boy Wonder (who appears to be little more than capitalist hating spoiled brat) to rise to the most powerful position on earth. The old media is on it's way to it's death, Good riddance.

The Boy Wonder (Chicago thug) used the "cult of personality" to get elected by the parasites. I do not mean to insult God's creatures who are doing there part in the world. I am talking human parasites and human ticks.

The Boy Wonder was carried into the oval office on a wave of hope and change. Now even the most deluded fools that voted for his hope and change are now beginning to snap out of it.

To all the morons that allowed themselves to be caught up in the "historic vote for the black American", you are as guilty as the human parasites that are feeding off the dying Republic. When you voted for him you backed wealth redistribution and socialism (he made it quite clear on the campaign trail with all his spreading the wealth around garbage).

It is my hope the people who lose their jobs are the human parasites that voted for the Boy Wonder. In this way I believe you will feel first hand what the Boy Wonder's hope and change is really all about.

November is not going to get here fast enough. Have you cursed a politician yet today?

Yeah, I know there are a lot more of the parasite enablers but these are the big two.


  1. Enablers is right... They are enabling this country right into a third world crisis... sigh...

  2. I so hope these losers get flushed come November. Lord knows they deserve it!

  3. Anonymous14:18

    November 2010 the beginning of the end of this wack job.

  4. Someone convince them they can thrive in England. And just tell them about how England is in the process of denying massive amounts of health care to children as well as adults, and they probably couldn't get there fast enough.


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