Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Teh One is tanking

You have to expect it with his handling of the oil spill in the Gulf.  Even the morons that voted for his ass is slowly waking up. Did you really expect anything from the fraud in the white house?

He sucks. He is a disgrace. He needs to be rendered inept in November if there is a world left in November.


  1. If he had any shame whatsoever he would step down before November renders him impotent.

  2. i still wanna know what kind of person still lies in the 20% strongly approve...or do i?

  3. Anonymous14:50

    Obummer has no shame.

  4. Maybe we could send "O" down to plug the leak at the bottom of the Gulf---he's about the right size!

  5. Make him a lame duck come November... :-)

  6. He'll be gone unless we're "at war", and he pulls some Martial Law bs. We'll take the Congress back, which will "muzzle the dragon", and then remove him next cycle. What we DO have to do now is find personnel to replace the wastes currently in place.


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