Sunday, May 09, 2010

Quotes from the chider in Chief

From AFP.


  1. Some of those are just beyond the pale... He's got the balls to talk about TRUTH??? sigh...

  2. Constitutional Republic does NOT equal Democracy. Never did, never will. Republican form of government is required by the Constitution, it never mentions Democracy.

  3. The agenda is to question all information therefore it disqualifies all information. When nothing is real, your reality can fill the vacuum and fascism can blossom.

    And of course it insults the vast majority of people - myself included - who can easily spot BS, regardless if it comes from the right or left or wherever.

  4. We are more informed than ever! What Obama doesn't like is that we don't have to rely on the practically state run media for info, so we do get snippets of truth.

  5. I agree with all of you guys and gal, Completely.

    It is killing him and ensuring that his regime is only a one term disaster.

  6. The end is near with his ass!

  7. Anonymous00:06

    Obama would not know the truth if it bite him on the ass.

  8. Anonymous10:07

    The end is near? Hell, the end is here! The end came into power last year, but I like to refer to the end by his more appropriate name as "ASS".

  9. And my Mom used to tell me The Beatles were evil...

  10. I wouldn't have known he said ANY of these things, b/c I can't bring myself to listen to him - ever. Ever.

    Heaven help us.


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