Monday, May 17, 2010

Illegals, filling up your emergency rooms?

Only a bunch of idiots would do this.


  1. Say - how about a "heads up" on that one?!
    That is very powerful.

  2. So many the fewer people who can travel north to get free ObamaCare. I wonder if they'll qualify for a Darwin Award?

  3. Terrible, terrible. That was a really nice truck.

  4. Physics experiment go wrong perhaps?

  5. That much weight behind the rear wheels, it's no wonder it rolled... and I'll guarantee a couple of them did NOT walk away...

  6. Anonymous22:42

    Wow what a mess.

  7. Anonymous07:20

    Yep, it is the reason Grady Hospital in Atlanta is in such trouble.

  8. Dang, it's gone now.

    I'll bet it was a waste of a perfectly good truck.

  9. The video is gone.

    In defense of the illegals, not all illegals in America are Mexican, although practically all do cross the Mex/US border. Believe it or not, Mexico has just as big a problem at their Southern border, as America does.

    I really can't blame people for wanting a better life. I can blame them for not following the law to immigrate, and for spending generations sending so much of the money they make here back home.

  10. Video is back up.

    A clear majority are from Mexico. I don't blame them. I blame the federal government who for the last 20+ years has done nothing to curb this. The government is too big and has grown unable to do anything but tax it's citizens and remove their freedoms.

    On this note since they can not even take care of the borders I can only imagine what kind of evil maelstrom will engulf us all if ObamaKare get fully implemented.


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