Thursday, April 15, 2010

The RINO Crist strikes yet again

I cannot wait until this dillhole fades into obscurity.

In this photo Charlie Crist (Rino) demonstrates how much longer his Florida political career will be.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Gov. Charlie Crist has vetoed a controversial bill that would have made it easier to fire Florida teachers and link their pay to student test scores.

Crist praised Senate Bill 6's goal of teacher accountability, he called the process by which the bill was passed "significantly flawed" and said it seriously damaged teacher morale.

The legislation was a priority for Republican legislative leaders and also former Gov. Jeb Bush, but was strongly opposed by Democrats, the Florida Education Association and others, including some of Crist's close friends and a family member.

The rest of this tragic tale of a victory by the teachers unions here. The children are assured of the same poor education for a while longer. Thanks Charlie for showing how completely RINO you really are.


  1. Gag. RHINO's are even worse than a leftist; at least they will tell you straight-up what they are.

    Crist should be ridden out on a rail right after the tar and feathers are applied.

  2. Anonymous18:41

    I see you've upgraded the look of the blog to "classy".

  3. Brooke: We are working on it.

    Cactus Mark: Thank you!

  4. Good new look, not that I would criticize the last one.

    Anyway, One look at Crist tells you all you need to know about that self absorbed butthead.

  5. Anonymous10:50

    Rumor has it that Crist will go full-retard today and become an independent.

  6. Crist will run as an independent in the general elction and will lose--he will soon be history in Florida politics.


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