Monday, April 19, 2010

Moonbat, Corrine Brown. It is Time to Go

The 3rd district of Florida should be proud of the representation they are receiving from the current resident. She is the cream of the crop when it comes to politicians with a socialist/democat agenda. This being said she really needs no introduction. So here is the representative of Florida's 3rd Congressional District, Go Gata herself.

With representation such as this I think it is time for the Clinton/Obama lap dog to go. There are a number of others willing to to take her place in the political arena. Since I am not in the lapdog's district I will just have to be content with watching this as it develops. I will still sling mud at the incumbent as she is a raving socialist loon and needs to be outed.
  • Corrine Brown (D)

  • Dean Black (R)
  • Jennifer Carroll (R) She is also a State Representative.
  • James Gilman (R)
  • Jake Hoechst (R)  
  • LeAnne Kolb (R)
  • Anthony Paul Penoso (R)
  • Mike Yost (R)
  • George Scott MacNaughton (Libertarian)
  • Terry Martin-Back (Independent)


  1. It is BEYOND time for her and those like her to take a hike.

  2. Dayum... she IS moonbat nuts...

  3. How about the concept of electing people with at least a GED.

  4. PS- There is NO Doubt, SHE Did as She Was Told and voted for that evil piece of shit HC bill.
    F Me.

  5. Anonymous12:40

    What in THE hell?

  6. A Representative from Florida.

  7. I have posted at my site after seeing your post here. Thanks for the tip.

  8. No problem. I just want to get everyone thinking about who is their representative and who is voting to wreck the country.

    Thank you for the nod in your post Eric.
    I took the liberty of linking you.

  9. To get rid of Corrine donate to LeAnne Kolb, she has the big guns supporting her on the national level.


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