Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Creeping Sharia has settled in Jacksonville

Our clueless Mayor (Weasel) Peyton has proven again what damage a lame duck mayor can do.

After a debate that included Dr. Parvez Ahmed being asked to "pray to your God," Jacksonville City Council confirmed the University of North Florida finance professor for a seat on the Human Rights Commission.

Council member Don Redman started a contentious debate by asking Ahmed if he was offended by prayers "in Jesus's name," like the prayer Redman read to begin the Council session.

Council member Stephen Joost countered Redman, saying he was offended by the line of questioning that focused on Ahmed's faith.

Ahmed is a Muslim and the former national chairman of CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

Being a former national chairman of CAIR speaks volumes in itself of why his nomination should not have been confirmed. Do musilms treat women as equal with humans rights?

How stupid are the appeasers that voted in favor of Parvez? Did the people that voted in favor of Parvez see what is happening in the muslim world? The human rights violations are too numerous to count. Yet here we are with a former CAIR national chairman sitting on the Jacksonville Human Rights Commission.

Who were the idiots that voted in favor of this?
Voting in favor of the confirmation were Bill Bishop, Reginald Brown, Council President Richard Clark, Michael Corrigan, John Crescimbeni, Ronnie Fussell, Johnny Gaffney, Art Graham, Kevin Hyde, Warren Jones, Stephen Joost, Denise Lee and Art Shad.
And who voted to oppose?
Council members Daniel Davis, Ray Holt, Glorious Johnson, Don Redman, Council Vice President Jack Webb and Clay Yarborough all opposed Ahmed's nomination. WOKV

So now it is here. Creeping sharia is coming soon everywhere. Another post about this here.

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  1. Meh- PCism strikes again... can't offend, so we'll put him in a position to have a HUGE negative impact... sigh...


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