Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Alan Grayson, Florida's 8th District.

What more can be said about Alan Grayson?
  • He is a complete flake.
  • He is a moonbat.
  • He shows no respect for the position he was elected to.
His actions lead me believe that the majority in the 8th district are also flakes. Alan Grayson is bringing a bit of the California madness to the 8th district. Are you people embarrassed that this windbag is representing you?

It is time to send this windbag packing due to his demeanor, his vote for the health care bill and and his slavish support of the socialist inhabitant at the white house.

The following candidates are after his congressional seat. I am so very sick of "Big Al" and I hope with what this raging moonbat has said and done during his so called "interviews" gets himself canned. He shows complete disdain for everyone that is not drinking from the hope and change fountain.  

We need to place Alan Grayson in the rubbish bin of Florida politics along with Charlie Crist and Corrine Brown.
  • Alan Grayson (D)

  •  Jim Holcomb (D)
  • Ross Bieling (R)
  • Prince Brown (R)
  • William Collins IV (R)
  • Dan Fanelli (R)
  • Kurt Kelly (R)
  • Guy Kerr (R)
  • Todd Long (R)
  • Ken Miller (R)
  • Bruce O’Donoghue (R)
  • Tico Perez (R)
  • Patricia Sullivan (R)
  • Terrence Tysall (R)
  • Barry Watson (R)
  • Peg Dunmire (Tea Party)
  • Steven Gerritzen (Whig)
  • Thomas Gregory (Independent)


  1. Well, it IS Flordia... sigh...

  2. FLorida..FLORIDA... I CAN spel

  3. A WHIG!? Where the hell did he come from? The Whigs phased out literally a century ago!

  4. Anonymous21:08

    Time to vote the loons out.

  5. Patricia Sullivan is a true patriotic American, she has the heart of a Statesman. She is Central Florida's Michele Bachman, our next CongressMom. Patricia is a Tea Party Patriot co-founder and the "People's Candidate of Choice" as she is the ONLY Grayson contender to make the ballot by Petition Signature, exhibiting her fiscal responsibility by committing to and completing the hard work and not"Buying" into the race!! You Go GIRL!


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