Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lawrence Reynolds Jr. Executed

Ohio serves up some Justice.

LUCASVILLE, Ohio — A death row inmate who tried to kill himself last week by overdosing on pills as his legal challenges dried up was executed Tuesday for robbing and strangling his neighbor in 1994.

Lawrence Reynolds Jr., 43, was executed by lethal injection at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility nine days after prison guards found him unconscious in his cell.

Ernie Sanders, a spiritual adviser who met with Reynolds in prison, said Reynolds wanted to die alone, not in the state's death chamber.

"He just didn't want his last act of life to be what he considered to be a sideshow or a circus," Sanders said.

Reynolds became the fourth inmate to die by Ohio's new lethal injection procedure, which uses one drug instead of three. Like the others, his death came quickly.

Reynolds was convicted of killing Loretta Foster, a 67-year-old widow who baby-sat children in her neighborhood and lived three doors down from him in Cuyahoga Falls near Akron.

Prosecutors said Reynolds was an alcoholic who was out of work and needed money for booze. He forced his way into Foster's house, strangled her with rope and left with $40 in cash and a blank check from her purse.

"I came in like a lion and go out like a lamb," Reynolds said in a brief final statement while lying on the gurney.

Addressing two women he didn't identify, he said, "Erin and Emma will forever and always hold the heart of the lion."    SOURCE

You can tell whether or not a killer is remorseful by his final statement. This toad's day of playing lion are over.


  1. "He just didn't want his last act of life to be what he considered to be a sideshow or a circus," Sanders said.

    Did the little old lady he murdered get to die the way she wanted?

    Her life was worth $40 to him. I'll bet that he was able to buy enough alcohol to last him what, a day or so?

    What an asshole. Good riddance.

  2. Anonymous15:32

    It is a sahme it took so long to put this animal down.


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