Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I found it and I wish I had not

In Florida we have our own moonbat version of Cynthia McKinney. It is Corrine Brown. She is the poster child for the entitlement mentality in Florida.

Are all the voters in the third congressional district complete morons. Why and how does Corrine Brown keep getting reelected? She keeps spewing stupid and completely asinine comments like some of these below. They are real gems too.

Jacksonville Congresswoman Corrine Brown said she didn't have all the details of the President's new health reform proposal, but said "it needs to happen for the American people".

Now that was a quite insane response. The socialist Obama could stick a bunch of socialist wealth redistributing and rationing goodies in there. Brown seems to think that would be "What the American People want". Only about 41% of the American people want this. These 41% are fleas of the dog, feeding off of the wealth redistribution goals of Obama.

Here is another on for you.

And although her House has no say in the matter, when asked whether she would support the use of a budgetary tactic called "reconciliation" to pass the health care reform bill in the Senate without a 60 vote majority, Brown said "I think it should have been used a long time ago, the Constitution says 50 plus 1".

Now she is a constitutional expert. But the statement below is the clincher.

"The question is when you're elected, what are you elected to do?  You're elected to represent the people, and do, based on the information you have, how can you do the best job to serve all the people", said Brown.   Source

Given all the facts and what the majority of the American people want, I would have to say that she is a complete idiot with a shit load of bad information.

This is as bad as the morons that allow Alan Grayson to represent them in the eighth congressional district. Alan Grayson has said more than his fair share of really stupid shit. Grayson is the classic interpretation of the what it is to be a moonbat. Now, as always he has the company of Corrine Brown. That needs to change since Alan is up for reelection. Wake up 8th district.


  1. Parts of Florida must have large bat populations because that guano has certainly produced a bumper crop of stupid voters who in turn elect the dumbest of the dumb to represent them---you get what you vote for! But it could be the influx of the carpetbaggers who come south and bring that much dreaded diease--progressivism!

  2. She could have simplified her answer by just saying, "I'll do whatever a black Democratic president says, no matter what."

  3. Admiral, it Is mind boggling. Too many voters that want free stuff and think they'd actually get it.
    This is the same chick that 5 minutes abusing the English language talking about a college football team on the floor of the house. No wonder she doesn't know anything about the freaking HC bill. Hell, she can probably barely read.
    Maybe reading should be a necessary and tested piece of qualifying criteria to run for congress.

  4. The_Kid:
    Her rant on the floor about the Gators winning turned me to a Florida State Seminole fan for ever. It was that bad.

  5. You can add Maxine Waters (D-CA) to that list of imbecils.


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