Saturday, January 02, 2010

Obama getting old?


  1. He was old the minute he took office. Happy New Year!

  2. Pretty soon, he's gonna look like Reverend Wright.

  3. He is an alien whose human veneer is wearing thin. As time progresses we will gradually see the antennae, the pincers, chelicera (venomous mouth parts), and of course the sperm palps. As Obongo is obviously still alive, he was not cannibalized by his mate although this does appear to lower the fertility rate.

    We always eat the ones we love.

  4. Wyatt Earp, Rev. Wright would be an improvement at least you know exactly where is coming from. Great site you have here Admiral, linking to you at TOTUS.

  5. Anonymous18:52

    I don't know, but his act sure is getting old.

  6. He hasn't aged well....

  7. He looks like shit. And that makes me happy. =D

    Oh, I read on a Navy site I'm part of something pretty interesting...

    Guess who has almost 90 days sober??....................

    Ted Kennedy!

    Too soon to poke fun?!? Pffft! Not for me! lmao!!

  8. Makes me happy too.

    My God that is a great joke!!!!!!

    Never to soon to poke at that pig Ted Kennedy.


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