Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Gary Johnson Executed

Texas continues to serve justice.

HUNTSVILLE, Texas — Convicted killer Gary Johnson was executed Tuesday for fatally shooting a ranch foreman and another man who interrupted his burglary of a southeast Texas ranch nearly 24 years ago.

Johnson, 59, was the second inmate to receive lethal injection this year in the state that executes the most prisoners. At least six others have execution dates scheduled for the coming months.

He was condemned for the April 1986 slayings of James Hazelton, 28, and Hazelton's brother-in-law, Peter Sparagana, 23. The two were gunned down while investigating a call from a neighbor who reported intruders had driven through a chained gate at the Triple Creek Ranch about 10 miles west of Huntsville.

Hazelton's brother, George, was among who watched Johnson die. He stood just a few feet away and watched through a glass window. He declined to meet with reporters following the execution.

One of Johnson's brothers, Dell, and a daughter were among witnesses in an adjacent room.

Johnson declined the warden's offer to make a final statement.

"Just tell my family good bye," he said. But then, his voice choking with emotion, he urged relatives to tell other family members "what they did was wrong for letting me take the fall for what they did."

"I never done anything in my life to anybody," he said.

Eleven minutes later, at 6:26 p.m. CST, he was pronounced dead.

It took about two years for investigators to assemble their case against Johnson, who once worked at the ranch, and his brother, Terry. The brothers became suspects after the neighbor who saw men drive into the ranch described distinctive brake lights on their truck.

Terry Johnson, 62, took a plea deal with a 99-year prison term. Gary Johnson went to trial on capital murder charges, was convicted and sentenced to death.    chron


  1. Anonymous14:00

    Good riddance. May God have mercy on his soul.

  2. Texas justice may be slow, but in the end it is sure. Good riddance and may his soul burn in hell!

  3. Gotta love Texas justice! Too bad it took so long, but then again the state of CA lets people sit on death row until they die of natural causes.

  4. Again I'll use this.

    "I'd take the money, Toombs."
    ~ Chronicles of Riddick.

    Ya shoulda grabbed the plea, Gary.

  5. Anonymous11:16

    The rest of America needs to take a lesson from Texas.They know how to deal with killers.

  6. I like that he's worm food, I just dont like that it took 22 years to get there.

    Oh, come visit, you'll like....


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