Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Who really needs John McCain

Who really needs John McCain in the Republican Party anyway? He was a arrogant putz the way he ran his pathetic presidential campaign. The only reason I voted for him was Sarah Palin. If there had been anyone else on the ticket I would have voted for socialist party. The way I figure it that was what we got when Obama Da Clown was elected.

I was just informed about an interesting story out Arizona ways. It seems that John "RINO" McCain may be in a heap of trouble. The Phoenix Business Journal story is showing that J.D. Hayworth may be able to unseat the RINO. In my opinion John McCain does not need another term as a republican senator. What McCain needs is to be put out to pasture. He is a shameless media whore in the extreme. It is my hope that J.D. Hayworth takes this seat away from him. We need less of the career oriented politician. McCain is seeking his 5th term and I hope he does not get it.


  1. Anonymous14:25

    You know what REALLY interesting? The poll that was taken had McCain at 45% and JD at 43% and JD hasn't even announced if he'll be seeking office.

    Yes, it's RINO season in Arizona. I can smell the burnt power already.

  2. Oooooooh! I'd vote for JD Hayworth ANY day b4 John McCain!
    Go get em, JD!

  3. Anonymous16:17

    I agree. John, you've littered the hallway long enough. Time to play shuffleboard.

  4. Now if we could only get his daughter to shut her ignorant slutty piehole.

  5. Yes, If I lived in AZ, it would be GOODBYE John "Obama is a good man" McCain.

    What do you think of the asshole now John ?

    and FYI - We knew he was an asshole all along. Who were you trying to kid?

    Damn sad to see you turn into a lukewarm bowl of oatmeal.

  6. I honor McCain for his service and sacrifice for our country. But, he was not my first choice for President last go round and the party would be better served by a true conservative.


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