Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Different News?

First of all, let it be known by all I did not enter into marital congress with a nagger. Neither do I agree with the previous news clipping. I found it to be an interesting article none the less. It is a very interesting view of Dr. George W Crane. I even found his obituary.

Then while scouring the bowels of the internet I found one of his tests from the year 1939. I found the complete test at Tiabla's Photostream. Thanks Tiabla!

I have decided to also put the TEST up here in it's complete glory since it is funny as hell.

The Husband Test.

Here is one for the Lovely Ladies.

All comments appreciated.


  1. Oh boy, you KNOW that is gonna generate a few :-)

  2. Yeah I know.

    I took the test and did OK. Question number 38 could possibly make you "Superior" or "Very Superior" if you can ring her bell consistently.

  3. The last page of each test are switched

  4. Thanks Brodie, it has been corrected. My eyes are not what they used to be.

  5. Anonymous15:48

    That reminds me... I had a girlfriend who never dressed for breakfast. She was my favorite.

  6. Gee, nothing about twins though.

  7. first off, I dont need to nag to get a spanking.

    whats wrong with red nail polish and warming my feet on hubby?

    The whole things funny! Hubby has a few habits but I love him anyway, mostly hes on the merit side. Me? I would come off like a step ford wife in this thing! Thanks for posting that.

  8. number thirty eight on the mens bit.. LOL! no complaints there. was that actually a survey??? omgawd.

  9. has pleasant disposition in the morning, not crabby. LOL! failed there. OH I needed that laugh. thanks.

  10. Spankings are a good thing!

  11. <--------FAIL, lol!

  12. Someone asked me once if my wife was a NAGGER. I said "No, she's a KOREAN."


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