Thursday, October 01, 2009

John Evander Couey dies of cancer

Does that name ring a bell? It should.

Jessica Lunsford was her name.

It is a pity he died of natural causes. I don't believe having cancer was suffering enough after what he did to do to a nine year old girl.

Jessica Lunsford's killer dies of natural causes

HOMOSASSA - Convicted child killer John Couey died this morning of natural causes, sparing the state of Florida from having to execute him for the murder of Jessica Lunsford.

Florida Corrections spokesperson Gretl Plessinger said Couey died "at 11:15 a.m. today at a local hospital," but declined to offer specifics, citing privacy laws.

Couey was housed at the Florida State Prison near Starke, awaiting execution for the 2005 kidnapping, rape and murder of 9-year-old Jessica.

As the story continues you can tell Couey was a remorseless child killer.

Couey was convicted in 2007 of kidnapping, raping and killing Jessica. The last time anyone saw her alive was when she went to bed on a February evening in 2005.

The next morning, her father discovered she was missing, sparking a massive search that would ultimately end in tragedy.

Investigators zeroed in on John Evander Couey, a sexual offender living in the area. It turned out he had not registered as a sex offender, and a warrant was put out for his arrest.

On March 17, 2005, he was arrested in Augusta, Georgia. Two days later, investigators found Jessica in a shallow grave outside Couey's sister's mobile home. The medical examiner later said she died of suffocation after being buried alive.

Couey was charged with first-degree murder. He confessed to kidnapping Jessica from her room, raping her and locking her in a closet before burying her. SOURCE


  1. There is no cure for this kind of perversion save a strong length of rope. Only one application is needed.

  2. I can only hope he suffered.

  3. Anonymous14:02

    He is now rotting in hell. I hope his death was painful.

  4. Burn baby BURN!!!

  5. I'm speechless that this human scum was allowed so much extra time on Earth.

  6. Anonymous00:56

    Is it too late to piss on his grave?

  7. The Goomba makee good point; What if we could have a keg party and use Its casket as a urinal?

  8. I hope he died screaming.


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