Tuesday, October 27, 2009

After regaining consciousness . . .

From my diabetic coma, that was induced by all the replay of the Obamathon coming to Jacksonville. The local television news could not get enough of and replayed it ad nauseum. I once again realized that he is clueless, vapid and a complete and total nitwit.

Since the Obama is not currently in possession of a backbone (or a brain) and cannot make a simple decision about sending his general more troops to Afghanistan why should the Military have to listen to his lies? The man has no reasoning power without his teleprompter. My guess is too much weed.

Here is the YouTube waste if time if you need a diabetic induced coma of your own.

And he spake unto the masses; "Behold, I am a liar without end, and 54% of you are too stupid to figure it out on your own ".


  1. I had no idea the 'Won' spent some time in Jax.


    May be because I don't watch the Temple News, or read the Temple Paper or (Gasp!) go visit the Temple for my Temple Food.


    I swear, 2009 is beginning to look like 2112.

  2. It's more like 1933, the year Hitler was elected Chancellor of Germany.

  3. Holy SHIT! The looks on the faces of those men tell you ALL you need to know!!

    Not the least of which being the Petty Officer 1st Class standing in the middle right of the frame.


  4. Anonymous15:11

    I agree with the Kid. The eyes and expressions tell the story.

  5. Anonymous15:20

    I couldn't watch 10 minutes and 37 seconds of Hopenchange if my life depended on it so no coma for me.

  6. Anonymous20:44

    No coma here either.

  7. I know I would be ticked if he came Korea and I had to stand there and listen to his crap. He has made all our lives harder.

  8. im sorry I couldnt watch the Youtube vid, I have to switch him off in the house as it is. I got a look at the poor military dudes faces on the freeze frame though, that was enough to tell me they werent happy about his visit either.

    words cannot describe my irritation that he breaths.


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