Tuesday, September 08, 2009


The Obama single payer Health Care battle is still on. Those elected monkeys in the House and Senate will back soon.

Whatever these Jokers are offering we do not need.


  1. Your right. Whatever there offering its just a smokescreen for them to sneak in government run health care. WE must not let the public fall for their trickery and deceibt. We must also pump up the pressure and keep the pressure on our congressman. We want them to start from scratch. Obama's bill is a huge power grab, that must be stopped.

  2. If there ever was one the Obama honeymoon seems well and truly over.

  3. Suit up cause these f@ckers won't give in without a thorough ass whoopin'!

  4. Anonymous20:42

    Remember the saying "JUST SAY NO".

    Well, there's my advice. This pile of manure will be full of terrible surprises.

  5. Anonymous22:06

    We need to stop this madness

  6. Our Republic is supposed to be a system in which the PEOPLE put pressure on the government for things to change, not the other way around. Why are they not HEARING US??? We don't want this!!!


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