Monday, August 10, 2009

What we don't need is

Anything this Joker is offering.

It has been busy around here, I will catch up with your blogs when I can. Keep on fighting the socialists that are trying to ruin the country. Let your rage be heard.


  1. Anonymous11:00

    "let your rage be heard"

    I like it. That's a strong call to action.

  2. I was feeling politically burned out again until Congress started their break...since then, RAGE is a phase I passed beyond about 4 days ago.

  3. I'm outraged at the absurd turn this country has taken and at the complacency of the average American to it. However, things are getting out to spite the blanket the state-run media has put on them.

  4. I understand the lack of time to blog due to being busy!

    Great graphics!

  5. Anonymous13:49

    good pictures, I haven't seen most of them.

  6. Anonymous14:59

    I am doing my part to keep the kool-aid drinkers know we are angry, we are organizing the real grass roots way, and we are fighting back. I think we have them running scared.

  7. I havent been to a town hall yet but when I can find one, im in..
    god help them. I will try not to get myself arrested but you may see me on fox news

    I have had a letter from Jean shaheen who is for everything and when I tried to reply by email it bounced me back. I was just goimg to tell her how wrong she was and to start boxing up her desk doing my bit.

  8. Oh and our Gov of NH john lynch kindly sent me a letter back via snail mail saying it wasnt his probme basically and I should vent my spleen on a whole list of others, I was thank for for that list but worried he didnt seem to thing he had anything to say about all this shit.

  9. Anonymous21:02

    Man I loved the "Joker" images. Yours is the first place I saw them, and these pics really have the knee-jerkers hoppin' mad. I love it.

    Liberals thought they were smart and funny when they and their hollywood bedmates were ridiculing the conservatives. Now however, they seem to be very indignant. I can't help but pick on someone who can dish it out but can't take it.

    as my boss would say, "It is funny because it is true!"

  10. Anonymous21:21

    I will keep doing my part to piss off the Libs.

  11. Love it! I've been one of the MOB & proud of it!! Our Rep. - Virginia Foxx - was on a bus tour of the state, & my children & I happened (quite by accident) upon one of her stops. It was GREAT to get into discussions w/ people...No saber rattling, but some things did get heated - spontaneously. I didn't see any Right Wing Coaches or $$ changing hands for paid protestors. Hey, wait...that guy w/ the cap & whistle did say my check was in the mail...


  12. I didn't vote for him you can be sure of that... The only people who voted for him were the ones who actually thought he was going to give them free healthcare, free mortgages, free cars, and create jobs that everyone could go to and earn a "decent" wage. Give me a break. This "CHANGE" I am afraid is not going to be for the better because the working middle class are the ones who are going to have to pay for it the most. Alot of us can not afford to pay 10% of our earned income into the government programs to help support the ones who are only going to pay 3% of their earned income. Do the math and you will see what you are going to be paying.
    God bless the folks, who show up in protest, at these rallies

  13. How un-American of you! Bet you wear a swastika to all the Town Hall meetings!

    N. Pelosi
    San Francisco, Ca

  14. Ms pelosi can eat my shorts..

    my schedule today makes it impossible for me to be anywhere near portsmouth NH but I hope the crowd there is forceful and robust and able to speak their minds.
    I will probably be one name that will be jotted down in the little red book.

    can we stop it if it is jammed through without any fillbustering?


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