Thursday, August 20, 2009

Radio Telephone Town Hall with

This woman just spent one hour on the radio and said absolutely nothing while trying to answer questions in a telephone town hall style meeting. She is very proud of the "Cash for Clunkers" that was from her committee. That was all I understood from her ramblings. Other than Obama, she is just about the most complete idiot in one person I have ever heard.

Florida is filled with stupid people. If you have ever wondered why the country is in the trouble it is in, look no further than the voters who keep electing this complete moonbat. She cannot utter one coherent sentence in the span of fifteen minutes. She cannot answer questions. When she does ramble off an answer it is fragmented and confused sounding leaving the listener confused as well.

It is my hope she runs for the senate. It will get her out of the house, and because I believe she would lose a senate race.

I should have turned off the radio, but I did not listen to my common sense.

Now, I am nursing an aneurysm from my wasted time.

Hat Tip Cookie
This woman makes more sense than Corrine Brown.


  1. LMAO..........

    I can't stop laughing.

  2. Anonymous14:42

    OMG, this says it all. Beautiful.

    "Oprah says..." LOL

  3. Scary first pic, scary video!

  4. Oh, come on now, at least your state is warm. I vote Massachusetts is worse. We have Kennedy, (soon to be replaced by a Kennedy)Kerry, and cold weather and all three sook

  5. That was good.

    And yes, there are a lot of black people who expected a free ride.

    Hey, maybe they will wake the hell up. Maybe. Some of em.

  6. Anonymous23:31

    I'm toying with attending a town hall meeting being held by my representative Monday evening.

    He's a democrat, so I already know it would be a waste of time. I could just send him an email to be ignored. Meh.

  7. Sorry your local politician is a goof. Hopefully now will be the time the people of your district can rise up and vote her out.

    Great vid. There will be a lot of disillusioned people soon who expected a free ride. The stimulus money has not been sent to them, because it was more important to pay off Obama's political allies. So while he has Acorn and SEIU in his pocket because of the money, people like this lady will be asking questions about all of his broken promises.

  8. hshsh@ how do ya like that change now then???

  9. Excellent video. Can't say I much care for all the "hope and change" I have been seeing lately. And I'm still waiting on all those "new jobs" he promised, when he spent my great great grandkids' (who have yet to be born) paychecks. I do consider myself lucky, in that I still Have a job.

  10. THAT VIDEO is HILARIOUS!!!! That woman REALLY had me going!!!!

    I'm still laughing (w/ H2o)...



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