Thursday, August 06, 2009

A Proud Member of the Anti-Obama Mob

AKA, The Unruly Mob.


  1. Anonymous13:33

    You pegged this looney bunch

  2. Anonymous13:41

    I regret I'm gonna have to turn you in for this post.

  3. There are some great graphics out there. They are absolute genius.

    I understand, completely. I will be in good company.

  4. Even his own libs are turning against him now. I have to remind myself to be patient. I wanna see blood and hair running down the walls. I want to hear screams and the ripping of flesh from bone and tendon.

    "Those whom the gods would destroy they first drove mad." - Euripides

    Look for this poser, this lightweight, this glass-jawed bum to lose it all.

    He can't take the hits. He has never gone more than a few rounds and is not used to getting his pretty puss all bloodied. He is already getting shaky - look at the shit coming out of the White House now. The dems are panicing, he ain't got the legs to go the distance.

  5. Anonymous21:22

    Right there with ya. If that is what he wants to call me, then fine.

    Lord knows, I have called him worst, only difference being, my comments are true.

  6. Urination you can beieve in.


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