Thursday, August 06, 2009

A Proud Member of the Anti-Obama Mob

AKA, The Unruly Mob.


  1. You pegged this looney bunch

  2. I regret I'm gonna have to turn you in for this post.

  3. There are some great graphics out there. They are absolute genius.

    I understand, completely. I will be in good company.

  4. Even his own libs are turning against him now. I have to remind myself to be patient. I wanna see blood and hair running down the walls. I want to hear screams and the ripping of flesh from bone and tendon.

    "Those whom the gods would destroy they first drove mad." - Euripides

    Look for this poser, this lightweight, this glass-jawed bum to lose it all.

    He can't take the hits. He has never gone more than a few rounds and is not used to getting his pretty puss all bloodied. He is already getting shaky - look at the shit coming out of the White House now. The dems are panicing, he ain't got the legs to go the distance.

  5. Right there with ya. If that is what he wants to call me, then fine.

    Lord knows, I have called him worst, only difference being, my comments are true.

  6. Urination you can beieve in.


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