Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I have a severe case of socialist induced

Obama Rage . . .

I see a Obama bumper sticker on a car and I instantly dislike the person in the vehicle.

There will be no cure until the Obama is out of office.


  1. I wouldn't drink a beer with that clown! I mean...Joker.

  2. And they're the ones that can't drive worth shit either.

  3. I want to go around with stickers that say "sucks" and tag cars with his bumper stickers.

  4. I have thought about doing that Red,

    Or putting a protest sticker over the Obama one.

  5. I just love that these images are ubiquitous in such a short time.

  6. Anonymous12:47

    These things are fantastic...........

    I agree with the poster above, i want to tag cars that have Obama stickers on them.

    And when i pass them in my Hummer, I just shake my head in disgust. I think they get the message. Just doing my little part to let them know they screwed this country 3 ways til Sunday.

  7. I feel your pain on the bumper sticker thing. I can't help but think, "'Effing idiot!"

  8. It's still kinda a free country so I would not even mess with another person's bumper sticker on their car or a political sign in front of their house. It would not be right. Regardless...if they were(right), or not.

  9. And the best hting is that the Obongo Stinks Express is just pulling away from the station...


    Just wait until this choo-choo gets up a good head of steam.

    You'll soon have commercials for Obongo Federal Suppositories - "We'll Cram It Up Your Ass So You Don't Have To" and Obongo Federal Condons - "Because F**king You Is The Only Thing We Do."

  10. Funniest comment award to sig94. I almost lost another keyboard to that.

    (sad part is, what he said is all too true :( )

  11. Anonymous22:48

    From the news reports, it looks like we the people actually *are* grabbing these "representatives" by the scruff of the neck and telling them to pack sand on the communist health care package! I am proud of us!

    Obama is a one-termer and he knows it.

  12. And the left wing is squealing like a pig over these posters...LOL

  13. Anonymous00:19

    I'm a fan of the Free Tibet sticker. Powerful and effective too.

  14. LOVE THIS! No cure, indeed.


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