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WHEN IN THE GENERATIONS  SUCCEEDING the one that pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to usher in the birth of the world’s only truly free nation, Liberty’s Progeny incrementally ceded their birthright to the government conceived and designed to serve a free people, and not be its servant, this generation is awakening to the terrible mistake that we, and our ancestors allowed to happen.  Charged with the terrible knowledge that comes with opened eyes, we now take up the long abdicated duty to rouse our fellow citizens and actively wrest the power and the liberties that have been progressively talked, cajoled, threatened, wheedled, and extorted from us, not only by those who ostensibly served us, but by their supporters and enablers who, by accident or design, saw fit to usurp and disdain such freedoms, that they might be withheld, and where impossible to withhold, might be condemned, until a corrosive contempt for these liberties, wrapped in velvet gloves, might so suffocate the circulation of them that this nation, conceived in liberty and the providence of a wise and benevolent creator, might indeed perish from the earth, plunging the rightful heirs of a proud and noble heritage in the the darkened waters of chaos, despair, and evil that surround them, a dank deluge that even today, other human beings actively seek to escape from in the inspiring embrace of this blessed and free country.

We, the awakened and aware, freely accept the charge that the architects of this republic passed on to us over two centuries before, in the hope that all who partook in the blessings made possible by nation they created would somberly undertake the duties of citizens, and so appropriately train themselves in virtue, and educate themselves in the workings of the precepts and ideals set forth in their foundational documents that they would possess enough wisdom to recognize that not all threats to our freedom would come from without our ranks, the knowledge to recognize that not every chain and shackle menacing us will immediately appear to be what it actually is, and the humilitynot to assume that the ingenuity and innovation that has been the hallmark of American success has been the product of man alone.

To this end, we hereby identify and reclaim our independence from the tools used to slowly enslave a free people and usurp the freedoms that we could not be persuaded to freely give up, or voluntarily suppress the free exercise of on our own:

1.  We reclaim our independence from the tyranny of ‘Political Correctness’.

The Constitution does not now, nor has it ever guaranteed a right to be free from being offended.  Early successes in causing the disruption of free speech by insisting on the use of words or terms stripped of their meaning or altered by redefinition and deliberate use of ephemism, in order to avoid offending more delicate sensibilities lead to its use to deliberately avoid, delay, or prevent the free exchange and communication of ideas because we allowed ourselves to be more afraid of offending someone or being branded with a label chosen to imply that there was a problem with the offending speaker, rather than the intended recipient.

No more.

Words have meaning and names have power.  But truth overcomes, when it is given the opportunity to exist unfettered by the artificial restraints that those who fear it would place upon it.  The Founding Fathers knew this, which is why they favored the “marketplace of ideas” approach.  And we now ratify and affirm this concept, having borne witness to the damage and impaired decision making that results when we remain silent and let others avoid any real discussion of topics, events, and ideas out of the fear that we might offend someone.

2.  We reclaim our independence from your victimhood.

For too long, we have stood by silently, and allowed some to increasingly balkanize this country with sob stories of how one thing or another makes them a victim, and therefore they deserve some special deference, special preference, and recognition that they are special.   We watched for too long, with growing alarm, as the hyphenated-Americans increasingly failed to take it upon themselves to overcome their victim status, yet continually expect to be rewarded for it as they brandished their victimhood like a cudgel, ready to bludgeon any who dared to question their entitlements and almost rapacious appetites to expand them.

No more.

One of the many unique blessings that this country has to offer is the presence of second and third and fourth chances.  Others know this, and rather than think that the good things available to those who work for them were something that they were simply entitled to by virtue of their sob story, real or imagined, they decided to man up, and overcome.  That doesn’t happen through accepting help and deciding to continually demand more. We are a generous people, but there are limits.  Decide of your own accord to know the satisfaction of making your own destiny, rather than subsistence on the labor of others.  You might be surprised at what you accomplish, or how that might come to benefit your fellow citizen in ways that you cannot even imagine.

3.  We reclaim our independence from the myth of a compelling interest in diversity at the cost of excellence.

The latest affront to the ‘American Exceptionalism’ that our current President feels the need to apologize for in foreign capitols is the recent notion of a “compelling interest in diversity in our government, our institutions, and our culture”.   This is the bastard child of Political Correctness and victimhood, which would not have been possible without the misapprehension of the concept of equality as enshrined in our law, the correct interpretation being that citizens of this country have equality of opportunity and equality in stature in the eyes of the laws that govern us.  Once the “right” of offense took hold and started keeping company with victimhood, those benefiting from the employment of both decided that equality really meant that everyone had a right to be to be surrounded in all walks of life by people who looked just like them, whether those people were qualified to fulfill those roles or not.

No more.

Americans rose to prominence in the world in no small part due to the idea of merit and the pursuit of excellence.  This was embodied in our government and institutions as much as in the private sector.  Civil Service exams for public sector jobs ensured not only that people could do the work required of them, but that the best qualified were hired to do the job.   Now, the standard in many fire departments, police departments, government agencies, and university staffs is not excellence, but the color of skin, gender, or sexual preference.  The identity has eclipsed ability and we are all the poorer for it.  Prepare for a change.

4.  We reclaim our independence from the contempt of our citizenship.

For too long, we have silently permitted others to use the appeal of emotion to exact our acquiescence in their actively allowing people who have violated our laws to come here to live and work among us without asking permission to do so, or obeying our laws in doing so.   We have allowed others to cajole us into allowing these persons to use our resources, and take benefits intended for citizens, without them being required to become citizens or apply for residence.  We have been too long silent as others continually advocate for the application of the protections that are conferred upon us as our birthright to those who are not citizens and have tried to kill citizens, or have expressed a deep-seated desire to do so.

No more.

No sane person so despises something of value that is theirs by virtue of “the accident of birth” that they simply would give it away to others who want it and yet show contempt for those who have it by stealing it from them.  Likewise, no sane person so dishonors a gift purchased with the blood of others that they will give it to those who only desire to kill or enslave them.  No longer will we be silent as others confer all the benefits and protections of citizenship upon those who disrespect it, or would steal such benefits and protections without assuming the responsibility to pay for them, or worse yet, murder us because we have them.

5.  We reclaim our independence from the “Freedom from religion” that has erroneously been read into the Constitution.

From the institution of Thanksgiving, to the architecture of our public buildings and monuments, the opening of government proceedings, down to the acknowledgement on our currency, this country has very deep and undeniable judeo-christian roots, and has been governed by leaders who unashamedly proclaimed their according personal beliefs while in office.   It has influenced our laws and been the bedrock of every ideal that has allowed this nation to grow and prosper.  This heritage has been the target of a decades long campaign to shove God out of the public square and exile him from congress with our elected officials by people who have refused the notion of a higher authority, because their own beliefs and desires are in contravention to those expressed by that higher authority.

No more.

Assaulting our national heritage with such dubious legal notions such as a separation of church and state that forbids any mention of God or expression of religion on or in state-owned property, and dismantling existing law with the fallacious statement “You can’t legislate morality” does violence to our history and demonstrates weak logic and understanding of what law is.  The Founding Fathers’ intent with the Establishment Clause was the prevention of any one church gaining the favor and sanction of the Federal Government.  A ban on ANY expression of religion or belief in God was never their intention, and the evidence of that is still surrounding us to this day.  The current state of the law is based on a false premise that can be easily dismissed by a simple walk around the monuments and buildings in the District of Columbia, and taking out you wallet to pay for an ice cream cone.   As for the “You can’t legislate morality” canard, this is also false.   The law is, in its most simple essence, an expression of morality, codified.  The question that then arises is whose morality should be expressed in the law?   Those of people who can point to no particular belief system that has certain valuable virtues at its core, or those that can?

6.  We reclaim independence from the cynical attempts to use shame to stop us from speaking out.

We have all felt this.  The accusations that we are poor Christians because we refuse to give the government power not granted to it in the Constitution and go along with the currently contemplated healthcare reform bill.  The charges that we hate the Earth and our children, because we oppose the highest single tax increase ever, combined with the deleterious effect on American jobs that would result in the passage of the Cap and Tax bill, which owes its existence to the myth of man-made global warming and the fact that it feeds the Federal Government its two favorite entrees:  money and power.  The charges that we are bad, greedy, selfish people for not supporting the idea that government and welfare entitlements are the way to improve the lives of Americans who are struggling, whatever the reason.   The charges of “Racism” whenever we raise a provocative question or level a criticism at a person, policy, or idea that might happen to involve a person or persons who are not Caucasian.

No more.

Charges like “racist” and “racism” made without objective, quantitative support, and only the subjective justification of emotion will be ignored.  The race card is maxed out, and the bank is no longer willing to extend the credit line.  As for attacking our faith, or our practice thereof, we will no longer be held to account by people who do not understand the faith they would use as a weapon against believers, when the wielder subscribes to no belief system at all.   Those who rely only on themselves for the regulation of their conduct and ethics no longer get to condemn those who answer to a higher authority.  Not any more.  We reclaim control of the shame that you have opted out of, and we will no longer allow you to use it to make us answer to you.

7.  We reclaim independence from the notion that the Federal Government is the solution to every problem and the answer to every question.

For too long, we stood by and allowed debate and action on all matters, predicated upon on a destructive and dangerous idea:  That the Federal Government is the only way to meet a need, fix a problem, or prevent a problem.   In time it became a security blanket, and we became a nation of thumbsuckers, eager to give the federal Government more power and more money, if only it would keep us safe from life and the living of it as free people, until we no longer looked to it for protection from others who would have our liberties or destroy them; we looked to it for protection from the consequences of our own actions.

No more.

We were so fixated in seeking the federal government’s assistance with every aspect of our daily lives, no one within or without the Federal Government ever exercised restraint and said “No.  The Consitution does not give the Federal Government the authority to do that.”   And now that people are alert to the fact that the Federal Government is poised on the cusp of the largest power grab it has ever made with the healh care bill, some of us are finally saying  “No.  You do not have the authority.”    The stakes have never been more obvious.  Met with the anger of constituents who are actually paying attention, elected officials are employing various means to intimidate these citizens who are expressing their disgust and anger that a government that serves them would ever feel so entitled to our money and our data in the passage of something so clearly opposed by those who wold have to live under it, these servants have resorted to insulting their constituents, calling them shills in the pay of their political opponents, calling them stupid and saying that they simply did not understand the printed words on the pages of the bill, brazenly lying to them outright about what they have proposed and are considering, and filling audiences at public meetings with rent-a-mobs from the SEIU, ACORN, and others,  so that they will face a friendly audience that is also hostile to the voters opposed to this latest demonstration of government of its leash.   The days of promising good governance but delivering graft, corruption, and self serving sinecures are over.   We do not care about your party; both have proven themselves reckless and dishonest.   We demand that you act responsibly, that you do the people’s business, not your own, and we demand that you act within the confines of the Constitution.  No more will we simply accept legislation that exceeds the authority strictly enumerated in the Constitution.   No more will we accept interpretations of the Commerce Clause and the Necessary and Proper Clause that are so tortured and stretched beyond reason or recognition as to be unrecognizable to anyone who has read the Constitution.   No longer will we accept legislation from the bench that relies not on interpretation of the Constitution, but mystical divination of mysterious penumbras that only a few ‘right-minded’  jurists can see.  Those days are over, and you can return usurped powers to the states and the individual citizens in whom the Constitution rightfully places them, or you can have them stripped from you. 

We, those who have come together in virtual congress to reclaim our independence from those who have by various means obtained it from us, realize that this probably wasn’t the HOPE! and CHANGE! that those persons had in mind, but nevertheless, the time has come.


Free Citizen of the United States of America,
August 29, 2009

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Life Intrudes

It has been busy as We (I) adjust to the Private School where my daughter is home schooled.

The liberal deviant who allowed Mary Jo Kopechne to die in his car in has finally faced his maker. No liberal media to cover his ass there.

When things even out here once again I will get back to being a member of the Mob of the Right. 

Other things . . .

I found this in the shrubs,

As Steve Irwin would say,
"Wot a Beauty this gal is. Just look at er, She's a stunner".
It is in fact a Argiope aurantia (Monster).

Keep the good deeds going and just remember,

Monday, August 24, 2009

What is the word

Not what I need to see in the First Lady. If I had wanted to see this I would have gone to the mall.

frump [ frump ] (plural frumps)

  1. unfashionably dressed woman: an offensive term for a woman considered not to be good-looking or not to dress well
  2. dull person: an offensive term for somebody considered to be drab, dull, or old-fashioned

[Mid-16th century. Probably shortening of frumple "wrinkle" < Middle Dutch verrompelen "rumple completely"]

frump·ish adjective
frump·y adjective   SOURCE

Saturday, August 22, 2009

This is good.

I did not vote for the Obama,
for all the Hope and Change crowd that did,

Are You Feeling It Yet?

Hat Tip  MAinfo, It is a great post too.
Weekend Entertainment.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Radio Telephone Town Hall with

This woman just spent one hour on the radio and said absolutely nothing while trying to answer questions in a telephone town hall style meeting. She is very proud of the "Cash for Clunkers" that was from her committee. That was all I understood from her ramblings. Other than Obama, she is just about the most complete idiot in one person I have ever heard.

Florida is filled with stupid people. If you have ever wondered why the country is in the trouble it is in, look no further than the voters who keep electing this complete moonbat. She cannot utter one coherent sentence in the span of fifteen minutes. She cannot answer questions. When she does ramble off an answer it is fragmented and confused sounding leaving the listener confused as well.

It is my hope she runs for the senate. It will get her out of the house, and because I believe she would lose a senate race.

I should have turned off the radio, but I did not listen to my common sense.

Now, I am nursing an aneurysm from my wasted time.

Hat Tip Cookie
This woman makes more sense than Corrine Brown.

John Richard Marek Executed

Florida finally got one right. I am amazed.

STARKE - A Florida man was executed Wednesday for murdering a 45-year-old mother of two who was raped, tortured, and strangled after a car she was in broke down on a highway 26 years ago.

John Richard Marek, 47, died at 6:33 p.m. after receiving an injection at Florida State Prison.

He was condemned for the first-degree murder and kidnapping of Adela Marie Simmons, whose nude body was found the day after she climbed into a pickup truck to get help after a friend's car broke down on Florida's Turnpike in Palm Beach County in 1983.

Twenty six years of tax payer funded living. The justice system needs a tune up. That is entirely too long to execute a murderer.

Simmons' body was found inside the lifeguard tower about 7 a.m. That evening, Wigley was arrested in Daytona Beach, driving the truck. Inside was a gold watch, gold pendant and gold earring belonging to Simmons and a gun. Marek was arrested at Daytona Shores.

Marek testified that after they picked up Simmons, he fell asleep. When he awoke, he said the woman was not in the truck. He testified Wigley told him he had dropped her off at a gas station. He testified he again fell asleep and when he woke up, he was on the beach.

Fingerprints found at the lifeguard station matched both Wigley and Marek, but only Marek's prints were found inside the observation deck, where the body was found.

Wigley testified that the victim was forced to perform oral sex and repeatedly sexually assaulted.

Does it sound like, with this evidence that it should have taken twenty six years to juice this murderer?

The sadly liberal media just had to find someone, who thinks keeping these savages alive for the rest of their lives after murderous actions is a better idea than having them quickly executed for taking someones life.

A life the victim had only one of, and was brutally taken from them. So the sad sack gets to sit on death row for twenty six years and play nice with his girlfriend (also an anti-death penalty advocate).

When they start making noise about abortion being wrong instead of executing killers being wrong then I may listen. Until that time, they can save there breath. Abortion does not serve any use in our modern society either.

"It's a question of justice. The death penalty doesn't serve any use in our modern society. It should be abolished, at least in favor of life without parole," said Joseph Koechler, 66, from Ormond Beach. SOURCE

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Obama Joker Speaks

After this does anyone want to ask how many Afghans have been killed under his watch?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

More Fashion sense from


It is sad but I will have to add this to the Mu'shelle fashion archives.

Jason Getsy Executed

Good riddance dirtbag.

LUCASVILLE, Ohio — Ohio has executed the triggerman in a 1995 murder-for-hire scheme that killed a 66-year-old woman and severely injured her son. SOURCE

Tomorrow John Richard Marek gets his.

Pull what skin taut?

Some early morning lunacy

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hamas and al Qaeda jihad

Does this story really surprise anyone?

I love the term "Hamas is insufficiently Islamic". Does this not make your day? There is nothing I like more than jihad terrorists fighting each other over who is more Islamic.  That would be like New York City claiming they have more moonbats per square inch than San Francisco does. That in my opinion is too close to call. How long would a moonbat last with a jihadist anyway?

On to the story;
Heavy fighting broke out between Hamas and an al Qaeda linked group that called for the creation of an Islamic state in Gaza. Thirteen people, including the leader of both groups' military wings, were reported killed and 85 more were wounded after Hamas attacked following sermon at a mosque in Rafah.

Abdel Latif Moussa, the leader of the Jund Ansar Allah, triggered the violent clashes after he said Hamas is insufficiently Islamic and created an Islamic emirate, or state, in Rafah which would eventually spread throughout the Palestinian territories.

Moussa, who goes by the name Abu al Nour al Maqdissi, swore allegiance to Osama bin Laden during his controversial Friday sermon, which was attended by several hundred followers. Moussa surrounded himself with five masked gunmen armed with assault rifles; one wore what appeared to be a suicide belt.

Hamas fighters attacked Moussa's mosque in Rafah as well as at other Jund Ansar Allah strongholds shortly after his announcement.    SOURCE
May they all send each other to allah. We could call it jihad fundamentalist urban renewal in the middle east.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

And now, a reading, from the bill H. R. 3200

Chuck Norris wrote an article about this and Rush Limbaugh mentioned it as well.

‘‘Subpart 3—Support for Quality Home Visitation
9 Programs
13 ‘‘(a) PURPOSE.—The purpose of this section is to im
14 prove the well-being, health, and development of children
15 by enabling the establishment and expansion of high qual
16 ity programs providing voluntary home visitation for fami
17 lies with young children and families expecting children.
18 ‘‘(b) GRANT APPLICATION.—A State that desires to
19 receive a grant under this section shall submit to the Sec
20 retary for approval, at such time and in such manner as
21 the Secretary may require, an application for the grant
22 that includes the following:
24 GRAMS.—A description of the high quality programs
25 of home visitation for families with young children
26 and families expecting children that will be sup-

1 ported by a grant made to the State under this sec
2 tion, the outcomes the programs are intended to
3 achieve, and the evidence supporting the effective
4 ness of the programs.
6 results of a statewide needs assessment that de
7 scribes—
8 ‘‘(A) the number, quality, and capacity of
9 home visitation programs for families with
10 young children and families expecting children
11 in the State;
12 ‘‘(B) the number and types of families who
13 are receiving services under the programs;
14 ‘‘(C) the sources and amount of funding
15 provided to the programs;
16 ‘‘(D) the gaps in home visitation in the
17 State, including identification of communities
18 that are in high need of the services; and
19 ‘‘(E) training and technical assistance ac
20 tivities designed to achieve or support the goals
21 of the programs.
22 ‘‘(3) ASSURANCES.—Assurances from the State
23 that—
24 ‘‘(A) in supporting home visitation pro
25 grams using funds provided under this section,

1 the State shall identify and prioritize serving
2 communities that are in high need of such serv
3 ices, especially communities with a high propor
4 tion of low-income families or a high incidence
5 of child maltreatment;
6 ‘‘(B) the State will reserve 5 percent of the
7 grant funds for training and technical assist
8 ance to the home visitation programs using
9 such funds;
10 ‘‘(C) in supporting home visitation pro
11 grams using funds provided under this section,
12 the State will promote coordination and collabo
13 ration with other home visitation programs (in
14 cluding programs funded under title XIX) and
15 with other child and family services, health
16 services, income supports, and other related as
17 sistance;
18 ‘‘(D) home visitation programs supported
19 using such funds will, when appropriate, pro
20 vide referrals to other programs serving chil
21 dren and families; and
22 ‘‘(E) the State will comply with subsection
23 (i), and cooperate with any evaluation con
24 ducted under subsection (j)
Source is the House Bill H.R. 3200

It is about total control from the cradle to the grave.

Monday, August 10, 2009

What we don't need is

Anything this Joker is offering.

It has been busy around here, I will catch up with your blogs when I can. Keep on fighting the socialists that are trying to ruin the country. Let your rage be heard.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I have a severe case of socialist induced

Obama Rage . . .

I see a Obama bumper sticker on a car and I instantly dislike the person in the vehicle.

There will be no cure until the Obama is out of office.

Where are the Photo credits?

I find most the images uncredited on random sites, but I will add credits if someone lets me know who the has the rights to the image.

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