Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Obama will try to yet again seduce a nation of Obamabots in an attempt to get this socialist health care reform passed.

I won't be watching any of it on the state run media outlets.  I have more pressing things to do with my time than watch him read a prepared speech.


  1. I would rather watch paint dry.
    Tonight I will watch my Ghost Hunters show, love that! This is not to say I am apathetic, au contraire. In fact I have been busy this afternoon deluging the representatives for NH telling them not to vote themselves out of office by voting Yae for any of his bull crap.

  2. Obama is no different to the rest.
    He's certainly not the second coming - as he was billed.

  3. I wonder just how many people are getting voters remorse.

  4. I looked at ABC yesterday to see what they were saying about the one.

    Giant headline "support plummets for obama!"

    I was shocked

  5. Anonymous14:44

    I would sooner drive bamboo under my finger nails and light it. Than watch the Obamanation.

  6. Hammer.. sooner or later the bloody media isnt going to be able to help themselves the headlines are going to be negative more and more.

  7. fuzzy.. yep. Me too.It isnt going to be anything different but.. one thing It would be a shame to miss is if he starts getting petulant and stomping his foot in a hissy fit.

  8. Obama is on the way down. Unfortunately he's been pulling down the USA with him.


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