Tuesday, July 14, 2009

On being a Dumb Ass

Or just being a careless idiot in general.

Here is the tale of woe.

The mortgage payment goes out on 8/1 except when doing bills and being stupid/careless/completely incompetent. When it actually goes out on 7/13 there is a world of NSF (Non Sufficient Funds) charges. How this happened I am not real clear about. I am the only one who does this online thing.

My day started off and I am perusing the email and I see an overdraft notice.  Hmmm. We should have at least 400 dollars in there as of last night.  So I opened email and there is not a single detail. That figures.

I log onto bill pay.  This is when I see, in fact, that I am $1,050. 53 in the red. This is where the first real, in a long series, of WTF statements occurred. At this time I feel the top of my head splitting at the seams exposing a swollen bloody skull.

As I look at the statement through a blood red rage I see the mortgage payment that was suppose to hit on 8/1 has, in fact hit on 7/13.  As I feel my blood pressure reach 145/90 and an ocean of acid floods into my stomach completely dissolving everything I had for breakfast and boiling the glass of water I had just imbibed.

After a minute it hit me that there was also $180 dollars in NSF fees. After remembering that I need to start breathing again before I end up on the floor looking completely silly wondering what happened.

I called Bill Pay. They said I needed to call the Mortgage Company. I call the mortgage company and they said that it will take 7 to 10 day to get a refund when, I have proven that the money has left my account.  Damn.

So I called my Wife.  She never gets rattled. She was cool and calm while I was less than  rational and stable. I tend to talk loud in money losing situations. She listened quietly and then she said she would call the bank. This was the longest five minutes of my life.

She called back and dryly stated it was vastly important that we get to the bank As Soon As Possible because there is a 35 dollar fee for everything in the account pending. There was about 7 more of them.

So we rushed to the bank and performed some damage control with transfers and deposits.

Now I will get to wait for about ten days to see how things shake out.

To give the bank their due they canceled $72 dollars of the $180 so far. I hope they can cut me a break since this was the first time I have done this since I have been using online banking (Yeah I am dreaming). It has been over 5 years with no errors on my part. The branch manager is on vacation until Monday.  So I have plenty of time to get my head out of my ass by then and explain how it happen so I can be lectured about Auto Bill Pay.


  1. I'm not a fan of automatic anything, since it is tough to keep a running tab and control the deposits and outflow. Web Bill Pay is pretty useful.

    What has really helped me has been to have a 3K line of credit as an over draft protection. It has kicked in twice in ten years, with no charges except the 13% Annual Percentage Rate (I never carry a balance)so I have been pretty good in balancing books.

    I use Navy Federal.

    Good luck in unraveling this ball of yarn!

  2. Glad you got it worked out.

    That is indeed a nightmare.

  3. Would it help to get the bank to change your mortgage due date or is that impossible?

    Usually when I get a prob it happens on a Frid and everyones gone home for the weekend.. drives me nuts.

    In the event we ever do get a mortgage I think I would go with bill pay because on several occasions my ex hub and I had all our paid bills stolen from the mailbox outside the house.. it was a rural route.

  4. Anonymous16:29

    I guess I see things like your wife did. I wouldn't have worried about the glass of water boiling unless it was still on your desk at the time.

    Glad all is okay and the bank is working with you. Not that many do any more.

  5. I'm good for one of these a year...I'll put a bill somewhere, cover it with something else, and forget to pay it. Or do like I did a few months ago: I overpaid Comcast Cable by $500 (I typed one extra digit in the billpay thingee online). When I asked for the extra back, they sent me the whole payment, then CHARGED ME A LATE FEE. How could I argue with them, FFS? I was the dumbass!

  6. AUGH! That SUCKS! I hate money issues.

  7. Anonymous18:31

    See,this is why the wife handles the bills and I don't. I suck at math.

    Glad as well, that all turned out okay.

  8. Remember Pard. Breath in breath out
    repeat constantly. Good luck

  9. All I can say is ouch.

  10. I use to forget to make my SUV payment all the time. Ford finally learned to take it out of my account each month because H20 couldn't remember to.

  11. Been there. Hope this goes into your rear view sooner than later.

    Appreciate that wife of yours!

  12. Ouch... well better than non-payment and them coming after you... I've used auto pay for years to prevent just that. And I also use NFCU.

  13. Anonymous08:42

    Good luck to you my friend

  14. I use bill pay via the bank but I go on line and make the transfers myself on the day I want it done. I don't trust the bank to do it

  15. This is why I hat auto pay.

    I'll buy the stamps, thank you very much.

    Sorry you have to deal with all of this.

  16. Anonymous15:34

    At least you didn't bounce a $15,000 check like I did last year.

  17. Anonymous20:41

    Yipes,it is enough to make your heart stop


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