Sunday, July 26, 2009

Obama Health Care, What you should know

What you should know.




Abortion is happening now.
Euthanasia is coming to old people in
a family near you. 


  1. Anonymous13:36

    It is scary. We must fight it.

  2. What else do you expect from people who hate America? Commie assholes every single one of them.

  3. He said during his infomercial that 'If you're 62, you might have to get by on pain pills."

    wtf do people need to know?

  4. My mom is 71-yo and not in great health. She has asthma, COPD, emphysema, high cholesterol and she is also pre-diabetic.

    Today she has to go for a biopsy of her breast, because something was found in her mammogram.

    She grew on a farm and worked hard all her life - even after her and my father married.

    Obama wants to dig my mother's grave right now, no matter how hard she fights to survive.

    Sorry for making this post so personal, but it IS personal to every American out there that does NOT want Obama's "change".

    Thanks for the vid, UA. It will definitely be passed around.

  5. Yup...Dr. Mengele and Adolf have finally conquered America.


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