Monday, July 06, 2009

The Embarrassment of the United States of America

Comrade Obama has headed off to Moscow for the "I'm Sorry World Tour 2009" with continuing service to parts unknown. I bet some where along the way he will find time to bow to musilm kings or rub elbows with petty, overweight dictators and thugs. Since he is in that part of the world he might as well detour to Iran and help keep the freedom yearning people down much like he has here in the U. S. A.

In the picture to the right he looks to me to have the perfect banana republic sneer much like Hugo Chavez the Venezuelan dictator.


  1. Banana republic..gorilla for a wife..makes sense now.

  2. Do you think Obama might manage to sneak in a trip to kiss the Nork's butts?

  3. Anonymous20:28

    The Russians are laughing at the Obamanation behind his back. They can not belive how stupid he is.

  4. This picture says it all if you ask me. LINK

  5. Not only the Russians are laughing. Social Sense & Leslie have a good discussion going about sovereignty - the world is now leading our country around by the ring in Obama's nose.


  6. Just get him out. I don't care how. Just prove him, somehow, ineligible, and then everything he's done becomes null and void.


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